Wearing Hearing Aids While Playing Sports: Three Helpful Tips

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Whether you are an avid jogger or you enjoy a game of pickup football, you may be concerned about keeping your hearing aids in while you participate in sports or other physical activities. It is totally possible to keep your hearing aids in and powered on, but there are a few steps you'll want to take to protect the devices against damage. Here are some helpful tips you can use when engaging in physical activities.

Use Dehumidifier Boxes

One of the challenges that comes with wearing hearing aid during sports is moisture. Sweat can build up over time, which brings moisture into the hearing aid unit. Even if your hearing aids have some ventilation ports, these ports are designed to assist with everyday wear and not rigorous activity. A dehumidifier box can be a great accessory for your hearing aids. Place the hearing aids in the box after you are done playing or exercising to remove excess moisture. This can be done overnight, but it can also be done for just a few hours after you get home. Dehumidifier boxes are electronic devices. However, you can also use nonelectric jars, which use silica gel to absorb moisture.

Invest In Headgear

For contact sports, or for sports that might put you in the path of a flying ball, headgear can be the perfect option for protecting your hearing aids. Batting helmets can be worn throughout baseball games, even when you aren't up at bat, to protect your ears. These helmets are great because they typically feature venting that can help reduce moisture buildup. If you wear bilateral hearing aids, look for a dual-ear batting helmet. Ear guards designed for wrestlers provide ample protection for both your ears and hearing aids, and they can be worn easily during soccer, volleyball, or martial arts matches. The key is to find a type of headgear that protects your hearing aids while still giving you the freedom of movement you need to play your sport of choice.

Wear Hearing Aid Clips

If you wear over-the-ear hearing aids, you can help prevent them from falling out using hearing aid clips. These clips attach to the hearing aid on one end, and the other end affixes to your clothing, hat, or glasses. You can choose clips with fun and colorful designs, which can be matched to your athletics uniform, and the cords come in a range of lengths to suit your needs.

If you are concerned about keeping your hearing aids secure during sports or exercise, talk to a specialist, like those at Pacific Hearing Care, about other options you can use as you take the field.