Four Smoke-Free Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana

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Legal in 30 states plus Washington D.C., medical marijuana is becoming more mainstream by the day. There are even companies like HEALING LIGHT BODEGA that will deliver your medical marijuana right to your doorstep. And while smoking may be the traditional form of ingestion, many delivery services and storefronts offer consumers a variety of other options, as well. Edibles, vaporizers, tinctures, pills—what form is right for you?


These aren't your grandma's cookies. Edibles offer a body buzz that lasts three to seven hours, making it a great option for those seeking longer-term pain relief. The effects are subtle, and they kick in slowly—it may take up to 90 minutes to feel the full effect. Edibles come in a variety of shapes and sizes—everything from cookies and brownies to juice and gummy bears. Infused butter and olive oil can even be used in your favorite recipes.


Vaporizers usually consist of two pieces—the battery and the cartridge. The battery is a reusable device that can be recharged. The cartridge screws into the battery and contains a liquid form of THC, CBD, or both. Some batteries have variable temperature settings, allowing you to find the ideal temperature for your cartridge. Some vaporizers can also be used with bud or wax. Vaporizers provide a smokeless way of ingesting marijuana that is discreet and relatively scent free, and the effect is similar to smoking marijuana.


Tinctures are small glass or plastic bottles full of liquid. The lid doubles as an eyedropper, and the liquid inside is usually flavored. The liquid contains either THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Using the eyedropper, a few drops of liquid are placed under the tongue and then held there for a few seconds before swallowing. There is not necessarily a high associated with tinctures—the effect may be more similar to that of an edible. This form of ingestion is particularly useful for those suffering from anxiety, as a few drops of CBD under the tongue can produce a calming effect.


One other way to take marijuana is in pill form. Like the other methods listed here, pills usually come as pure THC, CBD, or a combination of both. The effects are similar to that of an edible or the tincture—subtle, and more of a body buzz than a traditional high. Pills are ideal for someone who doesn't like the taste of marijuana.

Smoking is not the only way to ingest medical marijuana. Before taking advantage of a medical marijuana delivery service, it's important to understand the product and to know what you're ordering. Medical marijuana is useful for treating a variety of conditions when used appropriately.