Where To Start With Your LSM 510 Maintenance Schedule

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Microscopes like the LSM 510 require maintenance of the highest order. These are not microscopes you can place on a shelf and then take down and dust off before each use. On the contrary, they need weekly and monthly maintenance whether they are used during the week/month or not. Here is where to start with LSM 510 maintenance and other high-tech lab researcher-grade microscopes.

Clean Oculars 

This may need more frequent care if you or someone in the lab is using this microscope on a daily basis. The ocular lenses and eyepieces have to be carefully taken apart, cleaned per manufacturer's instructions, and put back together on the microscope. This is a vital part of any microscope maintenance but even more so when you are dealing with a high-tech research microscope that heavily relies on very clean oculars. 

Clean and Sanitize the Sample Plate

To avoid cross-contamination of slide samples, you have to clean the plate on which the slides sit for viewing. If this is not cleaned after each slide sample is viewed, there is a risk that your slide samples could contaminate each other, ruining the research and/or affecting the outcome of tests you may be performing on slide samples. Knowing that any contamination of the research results in scrapping the accumulated data up to that point, the simple act of cleaning and sanitizing this area of the microscope is worth the sixty seconds or so that it takes to clean it. 

Checking Cords

Between the cords that supply power to the microscope, and the cords that supply power to the connected monitors, you want to make sure all of these connections and connectors are in good working order. Nothing should be spilled on them, and they should be clean and free of residues. They should also be labeled so that you know exactly which cord and which connection go where and do what. 

Updating the Software

Microscopes of this caliber are fully integrated with computers and computer screens. It means that the microscopes need regular updates on their software if they are going to continue operating at expected standards. This software may auto-update on high-end models or require you to update manually over the internet on lower-priced models.

If you are dealing with highly sensitive research, you can ask a company representative for the microscope to come and update the software as part of a scheduled maintenance package. The representative brings his/her own laptop with pre-loaded software updates and secure connections so that you have nothing to worry about where your research is concerned. Be sure to save your data to a portable and removable device so that it is not lost during any one of the software updates.